Speciality & Fancy Ribbons

Below you can find some of the speciality ribbons we can produce for you. Please click on an image to see more examples of that type of product.

Striped Ribbon

A range of striped ribbon created through colour or construction.

Edge Ribbon

Woven ribbon with a contrast plain or metallic decorative edge.

Recycled Ribbon

Ribbons made from recycled yarn.

Gingham & Check Ribbon

100% Polyester woven gingham, check, tartan designs.

Tera Ribbon

Woven polyester ribbon with a natural look and feel.

Glitter Ribbon

Ribbon made with a metallic weft or glitter applied to create a sparkly effect.
Herringbone Ribbon

Herringbone Ribbon

Various woven herringbone designs.

Velvet Ribbon

A range of velvet ribbons.

Wire Edge Ribbon

Ribbon manufactured with wire in the edge.

Stitched Edge Ribbon

Ribbon with a woven-in contrast stitch, usually along the edges.

Natural Ribbon

RIbbons designed to look like they are made from natural materials.

Sonic Cut Ribbon

Ribbon cut with a sonic cutting machine to create intricate designs.
Taffeta Ribbon

Taffeta Ribbon

Taffeta style ribbon.