General Information

Colour Range 

Using our 100% polyester ribbons either our Double sided (638) or Grosgrain (668) one or both sides are then transfer printed into a different colour. This gives a unique look of a two colour ribbon.

  • Numerous colour ways possible. We hold some coloured papers (to create the transfer print) in stock.
  • Minimum order quantities do apply but are dependent on width, and paper colours.
  • Duo satin ribbon can also be printed.
  • Bespoke colour combinations can be difficult to achieve due to the effect that one colour can have on the other. For example, a white ribbon printed black on one side will make the white side look grey in appearance.
  • We are unable to anticipate your intended use of our products but we do conduct testing and record detailed specification data on them. Using this information we can provide product suitability advice to help you find a product which is fit for purpose for your needs. Please contact us for more information.