Polyester Lame (Quality 4505)

Colour Range 

A shiny fabric woven with a combination of Polyester and metallic threads.

Liquid Metallic Nylon (Quality 495)

Nylon woven with a high gloss metallic yarn.

Metallic Nylon with a wire edge (Quality 490)

Wire edge woven into the ribbon to allow the ribbon to be shaped.

General Information

If stock is exhausted it will be replaced within 4-6 weeks.

Other Information

  • Certain items can be printed and cut.
  • This product can be blocked down / rewound on to smaller rolls if required.
  • Minimum total order value £50 excluding VAT and carriage.
  • We are unable to anticipate your intended use of our products but we do conduct testing and record detailed specification data on them. Using this information we can provide product suitability advice to help you find a product which is fit for purpose for your needs. Please contact us for more information.