Frequently Asked Questions: Decorative Ribbons

  1. How do I place an order?
  2. What are your minimum order quantities?
    • This varies on the type of ribbon or accessory. Please contact Customer Services for more information on the specific product you would like to order.
  3. What are your standard roll lengths?
    • This varies on the type of ribbon, please contact Customer Services for specific information.
  4. What are your standard lead times?
    • This varies on the type of product, please contact Customer Services on 0115 9236000.
  5. What are your standard delivery times and costs?
    • UK Mainland Orders of £300 and below incur a £10 charge per consignment for standard delivery.
    • UK Mainland Orders of more than £300 - standard delivery is free of charge.
    • UK Mainland Express delivery options are available.
      • Before 12.00pm  - £12 per box.
      • Before 10.30am - £14 per box.
      • Other services may be available, please contact customer services for more information.
    • Worldwide delivery - prices dependant on shipping method – please contact us for further information.
  6. What are your standard widths?
    • Please see type and quality of ribbon to see the standard widths available here .
  7. What are my payment terms?
    • Existing customers please log onto Customer Services Portal to find details of your payment terms.
    • If you would like to apply for credit, please contact our Customer Services department to request a credit application form.
  8. Can I have a copy of an invoice?
    • Customer Services Portal holds all these documents.
    • Alternatively please request via email to Customer Services or Accounts.
    • These will be sent electronically for speed and to help the environment, unless specified otherwise.
  9. Can I order through Hong Kong?
    • Yes we can process orders directly through Hong Kong. We aim to service our customers in the best way possible to meet their business needs, please contact Customer Services for more information.
  10. Can you supply cut pieces? Can these be tabbed?
  11. What is cut in register?
    • The pieces can be set to be cut at specified points, without cutting through the logo or image.
       Cut in register example
  12. Which printing methods are available for decorative products?
  13. How many colours can you print?
  14. What pantone references are there for your standard colours?
    • Our colours are not related to pantone colours.
    • We can match colours in our standard range to a pantone, but it would only be an opinion and therefore subjective.
  15. What is the minimum order quantity for a special dye colour?
    • Please see our Special Colour Dyeing Policy by clicking here.
  16. How much do the printing plates cost for my own design or logo?
    • The number of plates required will be dependent on your design.
    • Please click here  to discuss specific origination and plate costs. 
  17. What happens to the plate once the ribbon has been printed?
    • For rotary ink and foil printing all customer’s own plates can only be held for four years from the date of the last print order. If a plate has not been used in this period we will need to dispose of it. Any re-order of the same design will incur a charge of £35 to remake the plate.
  18. Can I have my printing plates?
      Yes, just ask and we will send them to you.
  19. Do you have a standard set of print designs? Please note these are not stock items and are subject to a minimum order quantity.
  20. What is Foil Printing & Rotary Printing?
  21. What is delamination?
    • This is the term used when slight flecks come off a foil print onto the surrounding ribbon - it can happen when a foil print has been excessively handled.
      Example of delamination
  22.  Can I have samples and shade cards?
    • Please select the ribbon type you would like a sample of, you will see there is a link to order a sample here
    • For Colour Range Cards, please click here
  23. What are flanges?
    • Flanges protect the ribbon on the reel and are available in cardboard, plastic or crystal types as standard.
      Cardboard FlangesCrystal Flanges 
  24. What are the rewinding and flange options and costs
    • This will depend on your requirements, please contact Customer Services  for costs.
  25. Can you ship directly to my customer? i.e. Plain cover.
    • We can ship directly to your customers worldwide.
    • If required we can send under ‘plain cover’, without Cole Fabrics' branding/logo, however please note unless we are advised to use your carrier account numbers, Cole Fabrics will appear on the tracking labels.
  26. What is your overs and unders policy?
    • As a standard our policy is 5% over or under the actual quantity ordered on bespoke printed items, apart from French raised print ribbons where the quantity can change and vary by up to 10%. 
    • On our standard stocked items supplied on random rolls we endeavour to get as close as possible to the quantity ordered, but we will always send over to ensure you have enough ribbon. 
    • Let us know when you order if you are happy with an under delivery.
    • You should order set roll lengths if you would like the exact quantity ordered.
  27. What file formats do you accept artwork in?
    • Artwork should be supplied as an editable Adobe Illustrator file (.eps .ai), or editable .pdf and information should be supplied on any custom font(s) required.