Frequently Asked Questions: Labelling Material

  1. What is the minimum for a special width?
    • Minimum orders depend on the material ordered, please contact Customer Services to discuss your requirements.
  2. What material do you recommend for which type of printing?
    • Please contact customer services for specific advice. 
  3. Are your materials Oekotex class 1 approved?
    • Most of our main products are, please contact customer services for confirmation or alternatively on our Oekotex certificate.
  4. Do we supply our woven edge Polyester Satin in colours?
    • Black and White are our standard colours
    • We can produce Special Dye Colours, these will be subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact Customer Services to discuss your requirements.
  5. Are our adhesive materials permanent?
    • Our adhesive materials are classified as semi-permanent, as the level of adhesion can vary depending on the product it is used on.
  6. Do we supply an eco-friendly material?
    • Eco-friendly is a difficult term to categorise and is often also referred to as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. The meaning can vary from one customer to another.
    • Our cotton materials are made from a naturally grown yarn, however, these are also often then chemically treated in some way (e.g. coated or dyed white).
    • We do have the facility to produce 100% recycled Polyester Satin, made from post-consumer waste (plastic bottles).
  7. Do we supply a fire retardant material?
    • We have tested some of our materials against one fire retardant standard - FMVSS302, which is mainly used in car interiors.
    • However there are many different industry standards at different levels, so please contact Customer Services to advise the particular use & standard required.
  8. What inks, thermal foils do you recommend for printing?
    • We test with Perfectos Inks for Rotary Printing and the Dynic HL35 range for Thermal Foil Printing. We advise you to refer to your machine supplier for their recommendation.
  9. Do you supply a material suitable for very high washing temperatures?
    • 8988P is woven with a dope dyed black yarn, rather than the material being dyed after weaving, this makes the colour more dye stable at high wash temperatures.
    • A number of our materials will actually withstand higher wash temperatures than we specify on the data sheets. However some printing inks and foils may not be suitable for such high temperatures, therefore we would recommend you run your own wash tests on your printed labels to ensure they are suitable.
  10. Do your materials contain joins?
    • It is possible that all textile materials can contain joins. If a fault occurs in the material during production or slitting, this has to be removed and the material can then be joined back together.
  11. Do you have a swatch book of your materials?
    • We do have a swatch book, please contact Customer Services who will be happy to send you one.