An overview of the basic features of the Portal

Each section of the portal can be managed using some simple controls which are detailed below.

Main Menu

Click on the titles/tabs on this menu to change sections. This part of the screen also shows the name of the Cole Fabrics company you are logged in to. This will be either Cole Fabrics Plc for Cole Fabrics Far East Limited.

The main menu bar


The records on any page can be filtered by our document number or your customer ref. Simply enter one of these in the search box in the top right hand corner of the portal and press the magnifying glass icon.

The search box

To clear a search simply click on one of the main menu headings i.e. Orders, Invoices etc.

Document / Display Controls

On the left hand side there are some icons which can be used to control the following.

Open / Closed Icons Use these icons to switch between documents which are open or closed. On the Summary page the icon will display your outstanding orders in an easy to print format.
Expand / Close Controls Use these icons to expand or collapse row level detail on the Orders, Invoices, Deliveries or Payments sections.

Use this icon to:

  • Print the current page in an easy to read format. Note rows will be printed exactly as they are shown on screen i.e. if open, they will print open, if closed they will show header information only.
  • Print a summary of an individual record when this icon is shown on the right hand side of the screen.
Records Per Page Use this control in the top left hand corner of the portal to control the number of records shown per page.
Pages Use this to control the current page number of the section you are looking at.
PDF / Contact These controls can be used to view PDF copies of documents (where available) and contact our customer services team in relation to a specific order, delivery etc.

Next you should go to the Documents View section.