Setting up your login details

In order to access  the customer portal you must first be a customer of Cole Fabrics Plc and have an account set up with us.

Please note: It is not possible to place orders via the portal.

In order to create your login to the portal you will need your account code and activation key and the company name to register with. These are included on any order, invoice, payment or delivery email confirmation or document we send you.

You can register the same email address to access both Cole Fabrics Plc and Cole Fabrics Far East Portals once with each business only.

Once you have these details you can click the customer login button shown in the top right hand corner of our website. 

Customer Login Button

Then click on register and choose the company you are a customer of. If you order through Cole Fabrics Plc in the UK, choose Cole Fabrics Plc. If you order through Cole Fabrics Far East Ltd in Hong Kong, please choose Cole Fabrics Far East Ltd.

Customer Portal Login ScreenClick Image To Enlarge

Before you can register you need to select which Cole Fabrics company you want to register with. The correct name will be on any paper work you have received from us.

Choose companyClick Image to Enlarge

Next, you will need to enter your email address, choose a password (minimum 7 characters), your account code and your activation key.

Portal Registration ScreenClick Image to Enlarge

Once you have successfully submitted this form we need to verify your email address. We do this by sending you an email containing a link you must click on to enable your access to the portal. Please see the example email below as an example of this.

Please Note: You will be unable to access the portal unless you confirm your email address.

Example Activation EmailClick to Enlarge

Now go to How To Log In .