The Portal Summary Section

Invoices Past Due

The summary view has two main screens you can use. If you have any invoices outstanding with us you will be presented with details of these invoices once you have logged in and a total value of these invoices. Please see below for an example.

The invoices past due screenClick Image To Enlarge

Summary Page

Summary Page Icon Clicking on this icon will take you to the Summary Page, which gives details of the past five records in each of the sections of the portal such as your orders and deliveries.
Past Due Icon Click this icon to go back to your Invoices Past Due screen.
Outstanding Orders Icon Clicking this icon will take you to the outstanding Orders screen where you can view and print a clear overview of your outstanding orders with us.
Linked PDFs Examples PDF copies of recent documents can easily be accessed from the summary screen by clicking the PDF link next to each row.
Tracking Links Shipments can easily be tracked using the tracking links shown on the recent shipments section by clicking on the tracking reference numbers.


An example Summary Page is shown below.

Example summary viewClick Image To Enlarge

Outstanding Orders Page

The Outstanding Orders screen gives you an overview of all items you have ordered from us which have not yet been (fully) despatched.

This report is designed to be easily printed from any internet browser. To do this just click the print icon on the left hand side.

Partially despatched orders will show references for Delivery Notes and Invoices that have already been generated on the right hand side.

An example Outstanding Order screen is shown below.

Outstanding Orders ViewClick Image To Enlarge

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