How To Track Your Orders

Please note : Delivery Tracking is only available for purchases made by Cole Fabrics Plc. Cole Fabrics Far East Ltd shipments can be tracked by contacting their customer services department directly.

Tracking your delivery via our portal is easy, you just need to log in and look at your summary page or your shipments page and click on the link. It's that easy.

At the moment deliveries shipped via Yodel, CitiLink, DHL International Air and Road, Davies Turner, UPS and TNT can be tracked via the portal. Unfortunately not every road freight carrier we use is able to provide real time tracking information but we will add any new services as and when possible.

Summary View Tracking

Your five most recent deliveries are shown on the Summary view. If you can see a tracking number here against your delivery just click on it to be taken to the relevant tracking page.

Tracking Shipments via the Summary PageClick Image To Enlarge

Shipment View Tracking

All your deliveries are shown on the Shipments view. Just like the Summary View, if you can see a tracking number, click on it to be taken to the relevant tracking website.

Shipments TrackingClick Image To Enlarge


After clicking on a tracking number a pop up window will appear with the tracking data from the relevant carrier for you to view, for example this DHL shipment shown below.

Tracking Data ExampleClick Image To Enlarge

Nearly done! Do you know how to contact us via the portal ?